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  • 23 January 2017


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Hello guys!

After a little trip to Paris, I’m back in good old Switzerland. Paris is always a good idea. I especially love the French architecture and the food. The desserts are to die for! While I was away, I also did some thinking in specifics to my blog.

Goodbye “Tighter Tush”…

When I first started my blog it was only meant to document my fitness/health journey. For that particular reason, I chose a name that suited that idea- hence “Tighter Tush”. I had a history for falling into an obsessive diet mindset and therefore I though that this blog will act as a cure for me. I really wanted to overcome it. So, I tried to maintain a balanced diet, but somehow I still struggled. I even attempted to do the BBG workouts, which was very promising at first- but I finally gave up in my 10th Week on BBG. I literally had the recipe to achieve my body goals. But the fear of failing- eventually made me fail.

Guys, I just became obsessed with dieting again. I was so scared falling back into this dieting craze, that I actually became dieting crazy. And I wanted to do it perfectly. I wanted to be perfect. Even when I experienced some hiccups, I told myself it’s okay and I will do it tomorrow 150% better. But I didn’t…

Lifestyle suits me more

If you have been following me so far, you may have noticed that my posts are much different now. They are not the usual progress, BBG update and dieting posts. I guess a new year does call for a change. And I’m definitely taking the advantage of it :).

Along the way, I realized that I not only want to talk about dieting and working out. I even included one post about travelling, so you see I’m trying to expand my horizon here. I want to use this blog as my diary where I can share my thoughts on all sorts of things and it doesn’t have to be about one particular topic. Think it as a lifestyle kind of type. However, the name “Tighter Tush” doesn’t fit for this purpose anymore.

Welcome Nina Vonderson

So, it’s time for a change and I found the perfect name for it! The other day, I received some email about my old Twitter account that I rarely use now. And guess what. That’s when I saw the new perfect name for my blog. It’s technically not new- more recycled I would say, since it’s my old Twitter account name “Nina Vonderson”. Don’t ask me how I came up with that name on the first place. I literally puzzled my actual name with something else and voilà- “Nina Vonderson” was born.

With a new name, I’m hoping to expand more on other subjects such as travelling, fashion, personal thoughts and etc. I’ll still talk about the usual dieting and working out, because those are topics that are still very interesting to me. I just think that “Nina Vonderson” is more me. Sounds kind of narcissistic in a way, but that’s the idea of it :). I also received some feedback that my previous posts were quite complicated to read, so from now on I’ll make my content more simpler. And by sharing different kind of topics, I’m hoping to connect to you in other ways- and not just BBG, working out and dieting.

Thanks for reading!

Yours truly,



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