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  • 30 January 2017
In Zurich, one of the most beautiful cities in Switzerland. It was freezing cold!

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Hi everyone!

Today I wanted to share with you a topic that has been a lot on my mind lately. It’s about comparing oneself to others, especially on social media.

A lot of girls have already addressed this issue on their social media accounts. And coincidentally enough, my sisters and I watched a film “the girl on the train” that showed a lot of similarities to this topic. In the film, the main character, who is played by Emily Blunt, is still coming to terms with her recent divorce. She fantasizes about the perfect couple who lives in a house where her train passes everyday when she commutes. My sister admitted that she can sympathize with the character. This made me questioning myself whether we all were at that point comparing ourselves to others? I realized that everything can look so perfect on picture.

Social media- a distraction?

Emily Blunt in “the girl on the train”.

With social media, it’s easier than ever to share moments of your life online. Especially the best moments. Often it’s only the prettiest moments people chose to display rather than sad or upsetting moments. And somehow you can get lost in this virtual reality. I try hard not to compare my lives to other girls on social media, but often times it’s easier said than done. Let me give you an example.

There are times when I scroll down on my newsfeed and see all those amazing pictures of girls. They seem to have it all. These girls always look on point, have gorgeous bodies, get to travel to the most beautiful places, have an amazing wardrobe and only eat at the finest and best restaurants in the world. It’s hard not to envy them. And it’s especially tough not to compare yourself with them at least.The truth is that these girls are like us- we only like to display the prettiest moments of our lives. I’m sure even they have their fair share of bad moments. They like us choose not to present that side of their lives onto social media.

Reality vs. Social Media

So, why do we compare ourselves? Why do we put ourselves through this superficial social media insanity? Reality is often lost on social media. We prefer to showcase the best aspects of our lives onto social media. In this sense, we like to present the best versions of ourselves rather than our real versions. Social media acts like a distraction for us. The reality is that life can be chaotic and tough. And I think we often forget that what we see on social media is not exactly the reality.

Try to think about the positive aspects in your life. Be appreciate of what you have. Maybe put your phone away for a few hours. And if you still have the urge to compare yourself with others- try to take this in a positive manner. Perhaps, it’s sign to improve other areas in your life such as eating healthy, exercise more, spend more time with the people you love or do more of the things you enjoy.

For me, I often have to stop for a moment and think about all the things in life I’m thankful for. And sometimes turning my phone off for a little bit helps :).

Have a great day!

Yours truly,


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