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I failed. Where do I go from here? No More Dieting?

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  • 12 January 2017

Happy new year everyone!

I hope everyone had a great start into the new year, 2017. It definitely has been a while since I was last active on my blog. A few things have occurred during my little break. So, here is my update :).

No more dieting?

Christmas lights in Toronto.

In December, I decided to spend Christmas with my family and friends in Canada. Although I currently reside in Switzerland, I still refer Canada as my home due to many personal reasons. More specifically, I lived in Canada for nearly 10 years and basically spent my teenager and young adult years there. Also, the most important people in the world, my family, are in Canada at the moment. In general, the holiday season is such a special and memorable time, which is obviously best to spend it with the people you love the most. It was also nice to go easy on my healthy eating and fitness regime. Or maybe, did I go too easy on it?

Before my departure to Canada, I was determined to stay on track while travelling. Honestly I tried really hard! I basically pre-planned most of my meals ahead by writing them down in my notes as well as putting them on my MyFitnessPal App. Also, I pre-scheduled all my BBG workouts and LISS for the upcoming weeks. This would give me a better sense how to properly structure my days in Canada. Then I packed all my essentials to-go for my trip such as protein powder, protein bars, oats and etc. I even pre-cooked some meals for the flight, so that I won’t be tempted to eat plane foods.

Business Class= Food, Food, Food

Getting ready to go to Canada.

When we flew from Geneva to Frankfurt, we were faced with some difficulties with our long-haul flight, which was the flight from Frankfurt to Toronto. It was a very exhausting day, since we didn’t know whether we could board on that particular flight anymore. After sorting everything out and a little bit of luck, we finally made it on the flight to Canada. Even though it was a tense day, we were able to relax after all. Lufthansa upgraded us for free to Business Class!

The best thing about the Business Class is obviously the food. I was so overjoyed and relieved. First, I finally get to see my family for the holidays. Second, I was on Business Class, which means I got to try all the delicious foods they offered. So, I said goodbye to my salad that I brought from home and immediately glanced over to the menu. While I was enjoying my last course, a  slice of Mascarpone cake, I promised to myself “tomorrow I will do better on my diet”. The word “tomorrow” became my favourite and most used word for the next two weeks.

Diet or Family?

The first few days in Canada were extremely tough. It was tough, because I tried to incorporate my diet and workouts into my new schedule here. Once I landed in Toronto, I immediately went into a grocery store to get all the ingredients I needed for my diet. While I was grocery shopping, I still felt somewhat guilty for over-indulging on my flight. I rapidly dismissed that thought. I mean, you don’t always have the pleasure to fly on Business Class, so if you do get to do so- just try to enjoy it! This I certainly did. And my tummy did as well.

A dish that was composed of 1000 exciting spices.
Getting spoiled!

Okay, here is the truth. I did not last one day on my diet. Why? This may sound like the usual excuse you hear all the time. “I didn’t have the time”. For me, it was difficult to find balance with dieting and spending family time. I felt like I had to make a choice, which in the end I surely did. I chose to be with my family and friends instead of focusing on dieting. Socializing often meant to eat out at restaurants or dinner parties. Sharing food with your beloved ones create such an intimate value to me.

Of course, there are many ways that could have helped me to stay on track and prevent me from over-indulging . Nonetheless, the thought of this was already giving me a headache. I found all this planning and dieting very time-consuming and tedious. Therefore, I decided to give myself a break from my diet. Cheers to that!

Steak overload!
Ramen at Kenzo.

Weight gain literally means “more to love”?

The aftermath of my little break from my diet resulted in a astonishing 3kg weight gain! Overall, I weighed one kilo more than before I started my BBG series, which is 60kg. Trust me, in the past I would have been so devastated over this. For some reason, I don’t feel ashamed or guilty over my weight gain anymore. I may have gained extra body fat, but in retrospect I gained something far more important than this. Valuable family time. My family means the world to me.

The best time is family time.

Furthermore, I was able to reevaluate about my eating method. I realized that flexible dieting is not for me. After a few ups and downs with flexible dieting, I finally gave up on continuing it. I do believe that this diet has worked for many individuals in reaching certain body goals. It definitely has helped me to rethink about portion sizes. Still, it has reinforced my negative mindset about dieting. I started to create an obsession about dieting again. I felt like there was no flexibility in this diet, which is very contradictory to its actual name “flexible dieting”. I felt like I restricted myself to only eat certain foods that were “macro-friendly”. All in all, I believe that I pushed myself too hard on this. And yes, I failed.

Why failure is good?

So, I failed. I neglected my diet and workouts, I stopped paying attention to the foods I eat and I basically let myself go. Where do I go from here?

Often times, we as individuals are so focused on not failing that we are unable to see whats beneath it. To fail doesn’t mean something bad necessary. On the contrary, it offers you an opportunity to reassess your actions. Failing to me essentially means that I wasn’t afraid to take risks. In this scenario, I tried flexible dieting, but came into conclusion that it wasn’t the right fit for me. In general, if you don’t take risks, then you will never be able to grow. Since I understood that flexible dieting is the wrong eating method for me, I have the chance to change my eating for the better. Fundamentally, I have the chance to change my health for the better.

Keep moving forward, keep holding your head up high and lastly keep staying positive.


Yours truly,


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