IIFYM- What I Eat in a Day? (FOOD DIARY) | Trial and Error

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  • 8 December 2016

When I started to track my macros, I knew that it was going to be tough. It can be very confusing to figure out what set of macros would work for me. Although there are many sites that offer a set of calculated macros, I wouldn’t recommend to rely solely on those numbers.

In fact, the given macro ratio should be used as a starting point and nothing more. In particular, the initial calculations are merely an estimation, so it may vary from individual to individual. Here, other factors may come into play such as genetic differences, metabolic adaptations, and etc. Therefore, I would suggest to experiment with your macros as well as to track your process. This will allow you to improve things accordingly to your progress.

Ignore the messiness. It’s just me, my toasts and eggs. 🙂

Macros: Trial and Error

I made many trial and error when it comes to flexible dieting. More specifically, I miscalculated my calorie intake, which obviously affected my macro ratio of protein, carbs and fat. Cutting calories is usually the traditional method when wishing to reach weight-loss goals. When I cut my calories, I ignored the fact that I set my daily calorie intake too low. As in matter of fact, I took my calorie restriction too far, which potentially slowed my weight loss and metabolism. I was basically under-eating, and even started to feel the familiar need to binge again. Yes, on some days I did binge. This was just a clear sign that I should listen to more body more.

I’m aware that this is a part of my journey and that my journey is not meant to go perfectly. Everything is a learning experience. For now, I will change my previous macro ratio by increasing my calorie intake and macros. I will also try to only reduce a small amount of calories, which will encourage my weight-loss plans rather than hinder my health or goals.



French Toast.


I usually have more time to prepare something nice in the mornings. As of lately, I enjoy making french toast, which are usually topped with black cherry jam and maple syrup. For the french toast, I stir one egg white with a sprinkle of cinnamon in a bowl. I then let two bread slices soak in the egg mixture and cook it in the pan on low-medium heat until golden-brown.

Calories: 186.8 | Protein: 8.2 | Carbs: 31.3 | Fat: 2.3

Green Smoothie.


Also, I like to have a protein shake to go along with my french toast. My current favourite protein powder is by BioTechUSA. I really enjoy their flavours such as “Cookies & Creme” and “Chocolate”. I find that most of the protein powders have a distinct taste, but this one tastes amazing. For my protein shake, I put one scoop of protein powder, one banana, spinach, almond milk and some ice cubes, and blend it well until it becomes smooth. I was craving for something chocolatey, so that’s why I chose the chocolate protein instead. I’m aware that the colour doesn’t look appetizing due to the green colour from the spinach, but I guarantee you- it tasted wonderful!

Calories: 276.6 | Protein: 24.4 | Carbs: 43.3 | Fat: 2.4


Tuna Salad.

Salads are a must for me! This is an easy way to get plenty of micronutrients and fiber intake for the day. Here, I prepared a tuna salad, which include lettuce, zucchini, butternut squash, tomatoes and green beans. I typically don’t like cold salads, so therefore I prefer heating up my “cooked” veggies such as butternut squash and green beans in the microwave for 1 min. For the dressing, I used reduced sugar ketchup and soy sauce. Nothing fancy :)!

Calories: 271.7 | Protein: 32.8 | Carbs: 25.9 | Fat: 10.9


Quark with Fruits.


I love to snack! This time I prepared a little yogurt bowl, which include quark, bananas, berries and honey. I used frozen berries as my fruit of choice and left it in my quark mixture overnight in the fridge to release some of its juice. It definitely kept me full for hours.

Calories: 276.6 | Protein: 24.4 | Carbs: 43.3 | Fat: 2.4


Salad with Eggs.


Since I’m trying to watch what I eat during the week, so I can be more lenient on the weekends, I decided to make myself another salad for dinner. This salad is very similar to the one I had for lunch, but instead of tuna I opted for some eggs. I like adding eggs into my salads, since they are high in protein. The egg yolks add some extra fat, which was exactly what I needed on this particular day. I used only soy sauce for my dressing.

Calories: 327.6 | Protein: 28.6 | Carbs: 25.7 | Fat: 18.2

  • I don’t really track my dressing, although I’m aware that those can definitely add up to my overall calorie intake. This food diary was just an example what I ate on that specific day. I do like to change up my meals. Also, I’m still trying out which macro ratio is the right fit for me, so the given set of macros here is more an experiment.


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