TOKYO the best Place to be as a FOODIE

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  • 2 December 2016

Initially, the intention of this blog was to create a platform, where I can share with you my fitness journey. More specifically, I believed it would be an exciting way to observe my overall process of becoming mentally and physically healthier. Though this blog is mainly focused on fitness and health related issues, I thought it was time to broaden my horizon. As of right now, I’m considering to expand my blog to reach and connect to a wider audience by creating a variety of contents.

Travel- a therapy for Personal Growth

I’m very fortunate to have lived in four different countries. In particular, I was able to make wonderful experiences by learning about different cultures and languages. Because of that reason, I grew a great love for travelling. Whenever I have the opportunity to travel, I always feel like it reinforces my personal growth and development. In this sense, travelling appears to be therapy for me. In addition, I’m a 100% Foodie, which is another reason why I love travelling so much. I believe that a country’s food tells me a lot about the culture and essentially brings people together.

Tokyo captured my Heart

IMG_3316 (1).jpg
At the beautiful Capitol Tokyu Hotel.

I was lucky enough to get to see Japan three times in my life so far whereby each time was amazing on its own! Japan’s capital city Tokyo is popular for its combination of ultramodern and traditional construction. There are 23 wards, which is called tokubetsu-ku or special cities within the Tokyo Metropolitan area, and each of them is further divided into districts. Every district has its own character and is wonderful on its own, however you do not have to visit them all. I unfortunately wasn’t able to do so, because of the limited time I stayed in Japan.

Ramen, ramen and ramen…what else?

Tokyo is definitely the city that will always seem to amaze me with its beautiful attractions. What makes it even more amazing is definitely the great customer service they offer in Japan. The hospitality in Japan is beyond my expectations. More specifically, the service staff are very welcoming, engaging and attentive to customers. There is also a very interesting article “How Japan has perfected Hospitality Culture” by Olivier Strand that you should read about. It explains more about this particular issue of hospitality by comparing the customer service of Japan and the U.S. For instance, in Japan tipping is not expected by the majority of services, because it’s more likely to confuse or insult them.

Tummy full, I’m happy!

In this post, will be sharing with you my favourite stay in Tokyo as well as my top three districts within the Tokyo Metropolitan area including all the delicious food!

Hotel Stay- Capitol Hotel

Gorgeous interior at the Capitol Tokyu Hotel.
A breathtaking room with an amazing view.

During our stay in Tokyo, we decided to book a room at the Capitol Hotel in Chiyoda. It’s a gorgeous hotel that incorporates traditional Japanese architectural styles to enhance the Japanese modern atmosphere. Moreover, our room offered an amazing panoramic view of the city with all its buildings and lights. The service was so exceptional, that you immediately felt like home. Another great factor of this hotel is that there is a subway station right below of the hotel. This was not only convenient but also a cost-effective way to save money.



So, you may have seen the very famous and busiest intersection, the “Shibuya Crossing”, outside Shibuya Station. Shibuya is one of the busiest ward in Tokyo. It’s also famous for the trendy boutiques, which are located in the mall called “Shibuya 109”. I only have been twice in that mall, since my boyfriend is not the biggest fan of shopping :). The boutiques offer a more quirkier style. There are also many great restaurants and bars that you can visit while in Shibuya. Here, my favourite place to eat breakfast is Gontran Cherrier Paris, which is a bakery that specializes in French pastries and baked goods. The croissants are to die for!



Since our hotel was already located in the neighbourhood of Chiyoda, it was easy for us to get the full glimpse of this beautiful district. Chiyoda is known for its entertainment, shopping and dining area. Often times, we found ourselves in Yūrakuchō, which offers many traditional Japanese-style eating establishments. There I had the chance to taste the best sushi in my life. For dessert, we love to stop by at Krispy Kreme, where you can get the best original-glazed donuts in the whole world. What does Krispy Kreme have to with Japan? Yes, I’m aware that Krispy Kreme is not a Japanese cuisine. However, to me it’s all about the experience I get to share with my loved ones while being in Japan.

In Tokyo, you’ll find a Sushi restaurant in every corner. They only serve the freshest ingredients.
Korean bbq in Tokyo.


Minato is an interesting district, because of it’s versatility. For instance, Roppongi is Tokyo’s best-known nightlife district with its enormous establishments of nightclubs. On many occasions we went to Roppongi not necessarily for the nightlife, but for the food of course. Roppongi Hills, is a 27-acre complex, that is popular for its plenty stores, restaurants and entertainment facilities. More specifically, Riggoletto is an amazing restaurant that specializes in Western Cuisine. Everything on the menu is so delicious that you will have a hard time do decide what to order. You may want to make a reservation before you arrive here, since this restaurant always gets busy.

At Riggoletto.
Got to satisfy my steak cravings.


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