What I Eat in a Day (Food Diary)

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  • 15 November 2016


Hi guys! I hope everyone had a great start into the week :)!

I am currently on my fourth week of my fitness journey. During the four weeks, I have been adapting to a healthier lifestyle such as being consistent with eating healthy and doing the BBG workouts. I have to say, I am very proud of myself for keeping up with my healthy regime. Sometimes we can be too harsh on ourselves, so every now and then it is important to step back for a minute and to appreciate our hard work and effort. While my weight hasn’t gone down, I can already see how my body is becoming more toned and defined (progress pictures will be included in my next upcoming post).

What I eat in a day

Today, I wanted to show you what I eat in a day (food diary), which gives a little idea what I eat on a typical day. As mentioned before, I follow an intuitive eating approach, which allows me to become more attuned to my body’s natural hunger cues. I do not follow any specific diets. I do not keep track of how much fat or carbs I am eating. However, I simply believe that clean eating is based on providing your body the proper nutrition it needs.  This will lead you in feeling better about yourself. Of course, having a little treat such as a slice of chocolate cake is not forbidden. It’s all about moderation. I mean, who can’t say no to chocolates?

During my four weeks, I have made a few adjustments in my nutrition. In particular, I included more wholesome foods such as fresh veggies, fruits and grains. I am not a big fan of meal prepping, since I get easily bored of the same meals. The only thing that I do prepare every night before I head to bed are my veggies. I usually prepare all my greens in a tubberware, which allows me to fix a quick salad at home or on-the-go.

When it comes to my meals, I really go by my emotional state. I would compare this with the strong link of the choice we make in terms of clothing. For instance, on some days I prefer to wear something casual like jeans and a sweater whereas, on other days I prefer to wear something fancy like a nice dress. And on some days, I prefer to eat a warm bowl of oatmeal whereas on other days, I prefer to drink a cold refreshing smoothie for breakfast.

Food diary:

Clean Flapjacks with Chocolate Sauce

Breakfast: Lately, I have been loving my clean version of flapjacks!  These bad boys are honestly so delicious and full of nutrition. I added some peanut butter for creaminess and raisins for extra sweetness. Then I poured a little bit of my chocolate sauce, which I easily prepared by mixing same amount of maple syrup and cocoa powder. I make sure that I will always eat some kind of carbohydrates in the morning, since carbs provide me the energy I need to get a great jumpstart into my day.

Zucchini Pasta with Blue Cheese, Salmon and Shrimps

Lunch: I made zucchini pasta with melted blue cheese and added some salmon and shrimps.  In addition, I ate a bowl of greens and brown rice that are not included in this picture. In general, I like to heat up my zucchini noodles in the microwave, so the noodles are nice, warm and ready to eat. Also, I always make sure that I have some type of protein for my lunch and dinner. I really enjoy having brown rice for lunch, especially before I do my workouts at the gym, since it gives me enough energy to do my exercises properly.

Quark with Bananas and Honey

Snack: I had quark with banana slices and a little bit of honey.  I honestly love the taste of the sourness from the yogurt and the sweetness from the bananas and honey.

Salmon Salad

Dinner: I made a bowl of salmon salad. Then I added lettuce, tomatoes and cucumbers (they were hiding somewhere in my bowl unfortunately). Don’t be fooled by the size of my salad. I actually had two bowls of this :). In the evenings, I prefer to eat something lighter like some sort of protein and greens. I don’t deprive myself of other foods necessary. When I go out to eat at restaurants, I don’t mind ordering a steak with potatoes instead of a salad. It’s important to be aware of that this is not a fad diet, but it is a lifestyle change.

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