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Why I STOPPED counting Calories?

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  • 19 December 2016

Progress Struggles

This Friday, my boyfriend and I left Switzerland to visit Canada for the holidays. Throughout the whole fitness journey, I have been trying my best to stay on track. Of course, there were ups and downs. For instance, I changed my diet from intuitive eating to flexible dieting. More specifically, the aspect of nutrition had been the most difficult during my progress. I was already aware that any lifestyle change is obviously going to take some time to adapt. However, for me it was hard to get used to this since I had a history of calorie restriction and binge eating.

How will it affect my Progress?

The day before departure, I found myself packing my needed essentials for my flight and stay in Canada. I included items such as protein powder, protein bars, oats and flax seeds. I also thought about possible macro friendly meals that I could prepare overseas. Initially, I was worried as to how I’m going to stay on track during my stay in Canada. More specifically, how am I going to plan out my workouts and meals? I asked myself more questions such as how it will affect my progress? After much thinking, I reassured myself that everything will be okay.

Ordered too much food in Germany :)!
Turkish cuisine in Bielefeld, Germany.

No more counting Calories

Yes, everything is okay. Fast forward to Sunday, which is 3 days after the day I landed in Toronto, Canada. I missed one cardio session and stopped counting calories. Why? Although I tried to track my macros and complete my last workout for this week, I decided to give myself a break after all. I wanted to give myself a break from my diet regime, because I wished to spend time with my family. In general, I don’t want to stress over this. Nonetheless, this doesn’t mean that I gave up on my fitness goals. On the contrary, I will try my best to achieve my fitness goals while I’m here in Canada- yet in the meantime, I believe it’s better to approach this in a relaxed manner.

Moderation is the Key

Since I came back to see my family and friends in Canada, I have been eating non-stop. I probably over-indulged more than I hoped for. Yet, I don’t regret about it. I do want to use this valuable time to spend it with my closest ones. So, when it comes to my overall nutrition, I will try to eat as wholesome and mindful as I can. Though I will not going to deprive myself of the foods that I enjoy, I will also not going to let myself go. When it comes to my BBG workouts, I will try my best to complete as many as I can. In the end, it’s essential to understand that the holidays are meant to be with your beloved ones.

So, it’s alright to give yourself a little rest from your diet and exercise regime- just don’t try to stay off track completely. As I mentioned many times, it’s all about moderation.

Food makes me happy, especially if I get to share this special moment with my closest ones.


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